Your conference at Sattlerwirt

Your conference at the Sattlerwirt, our hotel near Kufstein is due to be a success. Why we believe that? Our hotel has been voted the most popular conference hotel in Austria in 2016, receiving the wanted reward “Golden Flipchart” which stands for first-class quality in all fields of a conference hotel. The “Golden Flipchart” is awarded based on customer reviews on the platform MICEadvisor. We let 99.83% customer satisfaction speak for themselves!

Our conference hotel Sattlerwirt has also been awarded 4 flipcharts. Conference professionals and experts have evaluated our conference hotel in Tyrol and have awarded our hotel with 4 out of 5 possible flipcharts, taking into consideration many criteria such as conference rooms, facilities and technical features, catering, rooms and supporting programme  Also this classification guarantees a first-class service and ideal conditions for your conference!

Our conference package deals

Room hire

  • Preparation of the chosen event room in respective size and with chosen seating
  • Preparation of screen, 3 flipcharts, 3 pinwalls
  • Free WLAN in the entire hotel
  • Beamer (at a fee of 30.00 €)
Half dayFull dayAfter 7 p.m.
Conference room 1 (47 m²)70,00 € 110,00 € 30,00 € 
Conference room 1 + 2 (94 m²)130,00 € 190,00 € 50,00 € 
Conference room 1 + 2 + 3 (145 m²)180,00 € 270,00 € 80,00 € 
Conference room 4 (70 m²)90,00 € 130,00 € 30,00 € 
Group room – Restaurant  50,00 € 90,00 € 30,00 € 

Conferences and conditions

Number of persons

If you are planning a conference, we kindly ask you to inform us about the exact number of persons at least 1 day prior to the conference. If you are booking an overnight stay, we need the exact number of participants at least 1 week prior to arrival. We will reserve a hotel room for the given number of persons. In case the number of participants changes short-term, we will deal with it as follows: In case less people arrive, we will charge you the number of persons according to your original booked (excluding not consumed services). In case more people arrive, we will try to organise additional beds, however cannot guarantee this.

Cancellation of events/conferences

In case of cancellation up to 4 weeks prior to arrival, we charge no cancellation fees; in case of cancellation up to 10 days prior to the event, we charge 50% of the total fee; in case of cancellation 10 days prior to arrival and less, we charge 80%. In case of cancellation of a conference less than 10 days prior to the appointed date, we charge the full fee for the conference room as well as 10.00 € per participant.

Payment conditions for conferences

The bill is issued upon departure and is payable immediately. Deductions and bank fees are not accepted and will be charged in retrospective. In case of late payment, the usual fees apply.


All prices are including taxes, levies and services. Valid until revoked. We refer to the currently valid price list.