The Sattlerwirt – a family business for generations

Hosts out of passion, rooted in the traditions of the Tyrolean lowlands – that’s the Astner family at Sattlerwirt. As genuine hosts, hospitality is in their blood and this is appreciated by countless travellers and guests – and has been for many decades.

Senior chef Midi has established the flourishing family business together with her husband Josef Astner who sadly passed away in 2016. Birgit and her siblings Beate and Harald have invested in the future of the Sattlerwirt and extended the hotel business.

But what would kitchen, service and hotel business be without dynamic staff? The professional and friendly team impresses with admirable loyalty and first-class service.

The Sattlerwirt – run by the Astner family for 120 years

The beginnings of the Sattlerwirt date back to the faraway year of 1343. In those days tithe had to be paid to the Ettal monastery; for Sattlerhof, this amounted to 43 x 3/8 pints of wine. During the centuries to come the large inn in Oberndorf nourished its owners only barely. In the course of the 19th century the lords of the manor changed often until the estate was purchased by Josef Astner in 1897.

Ever since then it has been the proud property of the Astner family. Over time the Sattlerwirt established a lucrative income, not alone due to its favourable location: Ebbs/Oberndorf was located nearby the new Inntal railway which offered the ideal means of transport for the first tourists. Wars, the economic crisis and even the famous thousand-Reichsmark-embargo of 1933 could not harm the Sattlerwirt.

With the take-over of Josef Astner III a lot of changes were implemented. He was a visionary and pioneer in many areas and abandoned the unprofitable agriculture and the little shop and made of the guesthouse a modern hotel. He kept investing because he wanted to keep up to date with the latest touristic developments.

Josef III (who sadly passed away in November 2016) and his wife Midi Astner made of the Sattlerwirt what it is today: a traditional Tyrolean inn with adjacent hotel, offering friendly and accommodating service while meeting highest quality standards. Today, their children Birgit, Harald and Beate run their heritage together, setting the tracks for a bright future.